Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Vertical shaft impact crusher is used in the crushing operation of super-hard materials, including various ores, cement, refractory material, bauxite clinker, quartz sand, brown corundum, perlite, iron ore, basalt, corundum, glass raw materials, etc. Our products are widely used in manufacturing crushed sand, stone and various metallurgical slags.

1.During the crushing process, the stone can form a protective bottom layer to ensure that the crusher body is not subject to wear.
2.The quick-wear parts are made of super-hard wear-resistant materials with high wear resistance.
3.The crusher is equipped with air self-circulation system to reduce dust release.
4.The crusher is little affected by the moisture content of the material, which can handle the materials with a moisture content of up to 8%.
5.The thin oil lubrication stations are provided to circularly lubricate the spindle bearing, and there is an emergency bearing oil pump to ensure continuous oil supply to the main engine.

Model Max. feeding size(mm) Rotation
Capacity(t/h) Motor
VSI-500 30 2258-2600 24-60 30-45 4780
VSI-700 35 1775-2050 55-120 55-110 7500
VSI-850 50 1460-1720 113-240 150-264 11680
VSI-1000 60 1240-1460 200-380 320-500 17200
VSI-1200 60 1246 300-715 500-630 20150

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