Crushing and Screening Equipment (Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher)

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Crushing and Screening Equipment

Characteristics of Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher
1. Low chassis, compact structure, modular assembly, small turning radius and convenient transportation.
2. The conveyor can be flipped and folded for easier maintenance and space savings.
3. PLC control system, can realize start control, process adjustment, fault and misoperation protection, electrical control and other functions; Optional touch control screen for the control cabinet.
4. Flexible operation, the screening and crushing operations can be adjusted at site.
5. The extended conveyor enables the transportation, installation and application to be more convenient.
6. Fully hydraulic lifting legs for flexible and easy operation.

Specifications of Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher
Model HX3S184CS36" HX3S186PYF48" HX3S186PYGH220
Transportation(without and with diesel generator)(mm) 14000 16000 16000
Transportation Width(mm) 3100 3100 3100
Transportation Height(mm) 4300 4500 4500
Maximum Length(mm) 14000 16400 16400
Maximum Width(mm) 3400 3400 3400
Maximum Height(mm) 4700 4700 4700
Weight(t) 34.5 49.5 41
Tire Configuration Dual-axial Tri-axial Tri-axial
Cone Crusher 3Ft 4-1/4 Ft HC220
Discharging Belt Conveyor B650x7M B800x7.5M B800x7.5M
Belt Conveyor 1 for Re-crushing Material B650x9.5M B800x9.5M B800x9.5M
Belt Conveyor 2 for Re-crushing Material B650x5M B800x6M B800x6M
Under Vibrating Screen B800x6M B800x7M B800x7M
Vibrating Screen 3YZS1848 3YZS1854 3YZS1854
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